Welcome to Orstad Renhold


Dear costumer:

We are a cleaning business approved by the Government Labour Inspectorate (Arbeidstilsynet).

Do you have problems trying to get time to do everything you need during a day or week?. Let our staff do the cleaning for you. 

We clean private homes, haidressing saloons, shops, schools and buildings in general. We clean floors, walls ceilings and we can also clean your windows.

We also do "Moving cleaning".

And as a company who cares about the evironment, we use modern methods like steam cleaning, less water and chemicals too.

Cleaning is a profession and with the right tools the job is easy to do.

Our staff is trustful. They are proffesional cleaners with long experience in the area.

If you are interested in our services,  you are very welcome to call us or send an email to:  Tlf: 93 49 18 21  mail: post@orstadrenhold.com.

We will be happy to serve you.!!


Fred Thorkildsen

General Manager